Instantly alert your family, friends or work colleagues with your exact location when you need assistance - £4.99 / year.

Perfect for those who have a medical condition that may be life threatening like Anaphylaxis or Asthma ... please read on.

When out alone ...

If you have a medical condition ...

For the elderly ...

Instantly alert up to five people from your contacts list with a map of your exact location when you need urgent assistance. These could be friends, family or work colleagues who would react accordingly. 

People who might find Alert5 useful could be your daughter, wife or partner when out and about or even, your elderly parents at home who are reluctant to call the emergency services.

There are many uses for Alert5 providing "peace of mind" whether you are a young student, a parent or someone with a medical condition such as Epilepsy or Anaphylaxis.

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The future of safety

The aim of Alert5® is to provide a rapid alerting system for anyone who may need it regardless of age or gender. The system is designed to be used ONLY in emergencies and to that end you should let each of your alertees know that is the case and discuss with them how you would like them to react. 

Fairly obviously, I could identify my son or daughter in a crowd quicker than a policeman with an accurate desciption. Similarly, if my mother had a flat tyre or broke down in a rural area I would know the car to look for, its colour, model etc and may know the local area better than any car recovery service.

There are endless uses of this service and to that end we are exploring more and more links to companies and charity organisations. We also donate 10% to related charities on an ongoing monthly basis to assist in the important work each of them do.

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