For Anyone In Need of a Helping Hand

The benefits of Alert5® are different for each and every person. Regardless of age there will be a scenario that may arise where it would bring "Peace of mind" to know that at a touch of a button someone knows you are in trouble and need help. 

Alert5® was intially aimed at the younger generation, but, it has quickly come to light that it could be beneficial to anyone, regardless of age or gender.

Below are some thoughts on who may use it in the future.

  • As a parent with teenage children, be reassured that they can contact you immediately letting you know where they are when they are out and about with friends.

  • If you have elderly family members who may require non emergency services assistance, Alert5® is easy for them to use!

  • If you, your friend or a member of your family has a disability Alert5® may provide some reassurance.

  • If you are a lone worker or know lone workers like district nurses visiting their patients at home - Alert5® could help.

  • If you work out of hours in a threatening environment - Alert5® may help.

  • If you simply require the reassurance that you can contact someone who can help you then Alert5® will be there.