The British Mountaineering Council

The British Mountaineering Council and Alert5 have partnered to provide an additional level of security for its members when out walking or climbing.

The Alert5 app enables the user to alert up to five friends, family or work colleagues with a map of their exact location, stating they are in need of urgent assistance. It is advised that the user discuss the required alert response with their emergency contacts, ranging from making steps to attend the scene or calling 999 and giving the exact location.

At the touch of a second button an information page is displayed which details information pertinent to the user and an ICE number (In Case of Emergency), which could be 999. When lost or in trouble, at the press of the button, the ICE contacts will be alerted immediately.

The idea behind the information page is to assist the user in times when they are alone and need to communicate the situation and information pertinent to themselves to anyone who may be nearby.

You can download and test the app for FREE by searching for “alert5” on the Apple App Store (Android will be released at the end of May 2014). 

If you continue on and buy the app for £4.99 per year please enter BMC123 for the referral code and the App will then appear as shown in the images below.