A Potentially Life Saving Opportunity

4Productions Ltd began business in January 2001 as an integrated SMS service provider and has grown year on year providing everything from bulk SMS and radio competition codes to complex bespoke GSM based security systems.

Alert5® is one of 4Productions many ideas, originally thought about in 2006 after hearing of a young girl who was abducted, raped and murdered and another who was attacked whilst walking home from a nightclub in city streets. 

Unfortunately in 2006 technology was not capable of returning the accurate locations we required so it was shelved until now. If Alert5® can prevent a single incident of rape or domestic violence or for that matter speed the rescue of a fallen worker, walker or rider then we at 4Productions have succeeded. 

People and their thoughts on ALERT 5

As a parent and the CEO of one of the largest Rape Crisis Centres in England and Wales I am aware of the atrocities that are being committed against women and girls every day in this country.

Alert5® has the potential to protect women and convict perpetrators and if it only saved one woman or girl a year - that one person could be you. I fully endorse a product that can save women from rape or sexual violence.
— Yvonne Traynor - CEO Rape Crisis South London
Having being involved in Search and Rescue for more than 15 years and managed hundreds of searches for vulnerable missing person, having a means to raise an alert would have helped in some cases. I would encourage everyone who looks after a Dementia or Alzheimer’s suffer to sign up, every parent to sign up their children and I will also be asking my Search members to sign up so they can raise the alert. Alert5® offers protection but above all some reassurance and peace of mind.
— Paul Lewis MBE - Chairman - Kent Search & Rescue
As a parent, shortly to become a grandfather, and someone who has been involved in policing and the security industry for 40 years+, I am well aware of the importance of vulnerable individuals having the means to raise an alert if they are or they think they are in trouble. This may be in a personal life situation, like a young person on a night out or a work life situation, like a lone worker. Though the risk of criminal attack or catastrophic accident to either category of person is very low, less dramatic situations can appear to be threatening at the time.

Bespoke “alert” devices do exist now involving call outs to monitoring stations they involve an additional device to the mobile phone the user is carrying anyway. Alert5® provides a cost effective alternative or supplement to the bespoke alert system.

Alert5® offers protection but above all some reassurance and peace of mind to the user and those who care for them, either in a family situation or where a duty of care exists in a work setting. I will be signing my family up.
— Mike Wyeth - Chief of Police Guernsey 1997 - 2003
What an excellent idea. One of the most terrifying aspects of having an allergy serious enough to trigger anaphylaxis is that you might have an attack when you are on your own with no one either there to help or even knowing where you are. So the Alert 5 app which not only alerts your friends or the emergency services but can tell them exactly where you are – and then tell them how to help you – is a Godsend. All serious allergies should sign up!
— Michelle Berriedale-Johnson - editor of the FoodsMatter allergy and intolerance resource sites.