Alert5 and Epilepsy Society

Alert5 is proud to be associated with Epilepsy Society and we aim to provide an App that is easy to use, accurate and above all provides all the required information to assist when required.

Below are a few videos that demonstrates a simple walkthrough of how to download and install Alert5 and then how to enter the profile information so that the App will be branded as Epilepsy Society and to ensue that your charity receives 10% of the annual fee you have paid, i.e. the £4.99.

Just for your assurance, any changes we make to the App will automatically be offered to you by way of an update and this is free for the year you have subscribed for.

If you do have any questions please contact us using the contact form, by clicking here.


When you are entering your profile please be sure to enter EPS100 as your "referral code", this will ensure that Epilepsy Society receive 10% of your £4.99 annual fee, so you are helping your charity too.