Guaranteed Global Safety

  • Alert5 links directly with Iridium for pole to pole coverage
  • One button press to send your alert and open comms
  • 1 year battery life!
  • 24 x 7 x 365 human monitoring available
  • International native response services
  • Low cost one off purchase for Iridium Rockstar
  • Low cost airtime packages - less than mobile prices

This is by far the best product combination for those travelling abroad in remote places on expeditions or adventure holidays.

By combining the Alert5 App on your smartphone with your Iridium Rockstar device you have the benefit of security when you need it.

Iridium provides 66 Low Earth Orbit satellites to ensure that wherever you are on the planet you will always be able to connect.

We then ensure that your connection is made to the right party and a relevant response is actioned.

If you are in international territories an alerting centre near you would be contacted and any emergency requirements would be sent via the local centre with local officers / staff speaking the native language.

Safety anywhere on the planet for realistic prices!