Who is Alert5 for?


If you are a charitable organisation we would be delighted to have you on board and hope that we can provide your members with a personal level of security.

For certain medical charities we provide an audible alert, for example those where you may not be able to speak, like Anaphylaxis.

Also we provide a medical free text area that allows you to enter  any medical details that you feel are pertinent and may help in case of emergency.

e.g. Anaphylaxis, Epilepsy, Muscular Dystrophy


As a company you may well be obliged to provide some sort of lone worker protection for your employees.

Alert5 can easily provide that protection at a fraction of the cost of other third party equipment that needs to be charged, maintained and of course not forgotten when you walk out of the door to go to work!

The old saying, spectacles, wallet and watch has the new addition of "phone" as most people will not leave without their phone and thus their lone worker protection.

e.g. Drivers, District Nurses

Everyone Else

For those of us who are not a charity or a company and just want an app that provides a quick, easy and inexpensive solution, then Alert5 is it!

You can quickly change between alerting your family and friends at the weekend to your work colleagues during the week.

Give your family peace of mind knowing that you can contact them in the case of emergency and similarly you have peace of mind knowing they can contact you if they need you.

e.g. Students, Walkers, Horse Riders, Elderly


We have many updates waiting to be applied and these of course will be available free of charge to those who have purchased the app. As we speak to different companies, charities and individuals ideas are passed over and we endeavour to build the best all encompassing app that remains intuitive and simple to use.

If you have any ideas please feel free to contact us using the contact page.

The aim of Alert5® is to provide a rapid alerting system for anyone who may need it regardless of age or gender. The system is designed to be used ONLY in emergencies and to that end you should let each of your alertees know that is the case and discuss with them how you would like them to react. 

Fairly obviously, I could identify my son or daughter in a crowd quicker than a policeman with an accurate desciption. Similarly, if my mother had a flat tyre or broke down in a rural area I would know the car to look for, its colour, model etc and may know the local area better than any car recovery service.

There are endless uses of this service and to that end we are exploring more and more links to companies and charity organisations. We also donate 10% to related charities on an ongoing monthly basis to assist in the important work each of them do.